This is the BEST line because it was so weird and unnecessary to identify random CIA henchmen #2 by name


And none of the other CIA dudes ever got named in the dialogue despite being in multiple scenes and, you know, actually having lines

And so for no reason and contrary to all sensible CIA discretion we have an “Archer” instructed to shoot John in this incredibly romance-based episode

An episode where, PS, we’ve already seen background imagery of cupid pointing an arrow in John’s direction


And it’s even better because 
Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a poem about Cupid that was called The Blind Archer 

And the best part is, look at the verses

One whole verse is about cupid the archer shooting a veteran who is a drinker and who CANNOT BELIEVE he’s being shot, it “cannot be right, it’s ludicrous quite” for him to fall in love like this



And then another whole verse is about Cupid shooting this isolated young guy who’s planning a celibate vow, despite the fact that he shouldn’t fall in love because “He has duties to do”



And I just really, really love this throw-away line

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