What we hope to achieve: While we hope the sales for the second issue and rest of the run are so low that the book will be cancelled, we also want an official statement from Marvel acknowledging the Antisemetism inherent in the concept of the book, and recognition of the unprofessional comments by Nick Spencer and Tom Brevoort.

What you can do:

– Keep boycotting the comic, and keep informing people who buy comics about the important points behind the boycott, and WHY the boycott is important to YOU. If you unsubscribe from Marvel Unlimited, click the comment box and tell Marvel it’s because of Hydra Cap. Be patient and polite with comics shop staff and other fans.

– Keep sending tweets, comments (here), email (here) and letters to Marvel (address here). Remember to mark your email and letters “Okay to Print”. Explain why HydraCap offends YOU. Be respectful when stating your case.

– Disney is Marvel’s parent corporation. Contact Disney (here) and politely inform them you are boycotting Marvel comics, dvds, toys and other merchandise because of HydraCap. Again, explain WHY it’s offensive.

– Keep using the  #CapIsNotHydra and #SayNoToHydraCap hashtags on social media. Add @marvelentertainment to your Tumblr posts so that marvelentertainment.tumblr.com receives notification. Remind people that Marvel has yet to address the insensitivity and disrespect in making an icon of freedom into a life-long member of Hydra.

– Sign a petition: here and here .

– Donate the price of one issue or of one subscription to the comic to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (here) and/or the Anti-Defamation League (here) and/or the Disabled American Veterans (here). Help some good come out of this for those most disrespected by the HydraCap plot twist!

– Participate in the #WeNeedHeroesProject, a fandom initiative (not just focusing on Steve Rogers and Captain America, but all our favorite heroes) that highlights the goodness of these people we know and love. Write a oneshot, drabble, gifset, or fanart that highlights the heroics and goodness of whatever Marvel hero you choose. Tag it with #WeNeedHeroesProject so it can add it to the masterlist. More infomation here.

– Most importantly, remember why you love Steve Rogers, the REAL Captain America!  Cap symbolizes the courage to do the right thing, the conviction to confront intolerance, and the humility to help others. Proudly wear and display the shield – and tell anyone who asks WHY you #SayNoToHydraCap! ​

->See this post by prismatic-bell for ways to educate yourself about the Anti-Semetic aspects of the comic, and Marvel’s ongoing Anti-semitism.

->See this post and this post for additional talking points about HydraCap’s disrespect to WWII veterans and to fans.

Keep sending letters, emails, and comments! Donate and send copies of your donation receipts to Marvel Comics! Tell your friends and people you meet at comics shops and conventions why you love Cap and why you’re boycotting! Participate in the #WeNeedHeroes project!

Keep the message alive!

What You Can Do To Protest HydraCap

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