Rey is given a luxury that comes so easily to male heroes – she simply turns a corner, finds a magical item (Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber, no less) and it awakens the Force in her. Just that. No searing infertility, no rape, no revelation of past abuse, no heartbreak, no sacrifice. No heroine who’s validity is defined by what she has sacrificed, in the way of Katniss handing up her life for her sister, becoming a martyr for a revolution. In the way of Ariel, handing over her power to speak in order to walk on land. No poison apple, no needle on a spinning wheel here.

Opinion: Girls Explain Star Wars To You – (via damelola)

Good lord, what a great insight on Rey.

(via inapprehension)

Seriously, I have heard so many variants, from women who’ve seen it, of “IS THIS WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE A TEENAGE BOY IN THE 1980s!?!?”

(via jessicalprice)

Huh. That’s…..that’s why some folks think she’s a Mary Sue, isn’t it? Because she has the typically ‘male’ narrative of just starting her Hero’s Journey abruptly, as opposed to the more typically ‘female’ narrative of power resulting from overcoming trauma of some kind.

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