Recently I reblogged a post (which I’ll dig up and reblog momentarily) suggesting that since Marvel has ignored our pleas and our refusal to pay for fascist dreck, maybe we should write to Disney, which now owns Marvel. Promoting fascism is more important to Marvel than making money, but Disney doesn’t like losing money, so maybe they’ll listen to us where Marvel didn’t.

Here’s a draft of the letter I’m going to send to Disney. I’m going to revise it and mail it tomorrow. I managed to only go after the single most blatant egregious thing about the mass of festering evil that was TDW, which I thought was pretty restrained of me.


Dear Disney,

We have been pleading with (and boycotting) Marvel for a couple of years now and they have reacted by doubling down on their racist, antisemitic, pro-fascist messages, so I am hoping that you, as their owners, will listen to us where they have not.

There is a reason Marvel’s sales have declined so sharply, and it is easily fixable.

For the last few years, Marvel has been giving increasingly disturbing messages. Here are just a few examples:

• In the first Thor movie, Thor proved that he had become a hero by going from planning to commit genocide (against the frost giants) to preventing his brother Loki from genociding those same frost giants. Then in Thor 2, the story’s situation was resolved by Thor genociding the Dark Elves. The message is apparently that sometimes, genocide is heroic, as long as an Aryan looking guy is committing it.

• Hydra Captain America. Fan reaction against this is still making headlines. Children literally cried themselves to sleep over it. Elderly people to whom Cap was an inspiration were heartbroken. Veterans who counted Cap as one of their own felt betrayed.

• Worst of all, scans of Hydra Cap are being used on Neo-Nazi and white nationalist websites. As long as those ideologies exist, Hydra Cap will keep showing up on their website and publications and internet memes. Marvel has handed them ammunition on a platter. I don’t see how Captain America can ever fully recover from this. The character’s 70-year legacy is irreparably tarnished.

• The author of the very badly written Hydra Captain America storyline, angry at the negative reaction to his crappy story, followed it up with a story where college girls who oppose racism and fascism were presented as villains and Sam Wilson, a black superhero, apologized to Steve Rogers, a white superhero, for opposing racism.

• Numerous nonwhite characters have been “whitewashed” in the movies, including the Ancient One in Doctor Strange. The Maximoff twins were Romany (or “gypsies” if you’re behind the times) and Joss Whedon turned them Aryan. 

• Marvel’s Vice President of Sales, David Gabriel, responded to the decline in Marvel’s sales caused by all this racism and fascism by publicly stating that readers “don’t want diversity”. Numerous articles have deconstructed this and shown that titles featuring female or nonwhite characters are selling much better than the titles about white men. Even if the claim were true, which it isn’t, shouldn’t he have had better sense than to say something that offensive publicly?

• On 4/19, the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, Marvel published a comic that “explained” that the Axis was always supposed to win WWII and only meddling via the Cosmic Cube made it possible for the Allies to win, though the Cosmic Cube, while powerful enough to make Captain America a Nazi, couldn’t stop the Holocaust.

• Marvel asked comic book store employees to wear Hydra outfits to promote their comic. A lot of comic book stores employ nonwhite, non-heterosexual people. You know, the people the Nazis (Hydra was spawned from Nazism) wanted to wipe out. But Marvel basically asked these people to dress up as Nazis to sell a badly written series. They overwhelmingly refused.

• Only the first movie each character gets has a competent director. The later movies are made by bottom-of-the-barrel directors and writers. For example, the screenwriter for Thor 3 also wrote Green Lantern, which tanked so badly that the makers of the tv series about Green Arrow just called it Arrow because they were afraid that the word “Green” would taint it by association. Look at the IMDB pages of the writers and directors of the assorted sequels in all of Marvel’s series. Thor 2 was directed by the guy who directed the umpteenth Terminator knock-off. 

• I’m going to try to briefly summon up the misogyny, because there’s just so much of it. Male characters (Loki, Coulson, Odin, Bucky, Fury) die and are resurrected. Female characters (Frigga, Maya Hansen, Gwen Stacey, Victoria Hand, Janet Van Dyne) die and stay dead. Jane Foster went from a driven scientist to a limp noodle who fell apart because a guy she barely knew (Thor) didn’t call her. In Age of Ultron, Natasha Romanoff’s main role was to be the Hulk’s boobs trampoline, and she called herself a “monster” because she couldn’t get pregnant. Let’s not even discuss the degrading romance she had with Bruce Banner and the even more degrading way that ugly nerd rejected her, an incredibly accomplished and beautiful woman insanely out of his league. We’ve been begging for a Black Widow movie for a decade and what we get is her being Hulk’s boobs trampoline.

• Also, we’ve been begging for Black Widow merchandise. Isaac Perlmutter vetoed every attempt to make any because he didn’t want superheroine merchandise to exist. The few bits that have been made have sold out, as have pirate items.

• They made Magneto, a Jewish victim of Nazis, a member of the Nazi organization Hydra. ‘Nuff said.

• Most Marvel characters were created by two Jewish men, many of them during the Holocaust. Now nonJewish white men are using those characters to promote fascism and racism for cheap sales gimmicks. Do you see why so many long time Marvel fans are sickened?

• In response to our hurt and outraged letters, editorials, pleas and boycotts, Marvel editors and authors have publicly ridiculed us or dismissed us, and in the case of Nick Spencer, based villains on us. They know we are distressed and offended. They don’t care. Recently, they have even resorted to issuing statements to media outlets demanding that we just keep paying for Nazi Captain America because after a year or so they’ll give us a really cool plot twist, they say.

• Just please please please stop promoting Nazism. That really really shouldn’t be too much to ask no matter how much Marvel’s current runners are insisting that it’s way beyond their abilities. I own a LOT of comic books and novels and movies on dvd that don’t promote Nazism.

In closing, just please please please fire the racists and fascists currently working at Marvel.

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