Also marvel wants comic book shops to decorate with hydra symbols and the staff to wear hydra uniforms



I don’t even know what to say.


My local comic shop is staffed by a black man and a gay woman so no, they won’t be dressing up as Hydra vermin to try and promote the garbage that the disgusting sub-human dog-fuckers who run Marvel Comics are trying to promote

Also, because they don’t give a shit about promoting Marvel’s piece of shit comics, especially their utterly worthless “Event” trash

Oh my god WHAT

Marvel apparently looked at the disgusting marketing campaign that piece of garbage “Man in the High Castle” show did and thought “Yeah that looks like a good idea” and just kind of

Didn’t notice the part where all normal people were disgusted and appalled by it

How fucking tone deaf do you have to be to run a promotional campaign encouraging people to dress up as fictional nazis in today’s political climate where white supremacists and real life nazis are in a resurgence and the country is divided.

Related? Yes. A good idea? FUCK NO..


Actual real life Nazis are now making “Fan art” using Nazi Cap as a propaganda image

Marvel has a presence on social media, there is no way they are ignorant of this at this point

Their response?

“Hey everyone!

Dress up as nazis to promote our shitty event comic!”


Sorry but there is no excuse for this bullshit…Marvel KNOWS how this is making actual real world people who had their families or people like them be victims of the horrors of Nazi germany feel…we’ve literally sent letters, tweets and messages TO MARVEL about this making it clear how horrible, offensive and disgusting this is

This isn’t just a mistake…this is Marvel NOT CARING

I’m beginning to wonder if there aren’t a few nazis inside Marvel itself…

One of their executives donated a million dollars to Trump’s campaign

So the answer to that question is yes

You know perhaps instead of aiming complaints at Marvel, we should be aiming them at Disney.

Something tells me they might care a bit more about their reputation being tarnished by this pro-Nazi bullshit, and they DO hold Marvel’s leash now…

There really needs to be an organized letter writing campaign to their parent company.

Voting with your dollars is good, but ineffective if they don’t understand why, explicitly, they’re losing money.

Remember: free speech means this shit can’t be suppressed by the government. Disney coming down on Marvel like a fucking hammer would be capitalism functioning as intended.

If Spencer et al want to publish their ugly garbage on AO3 instead, that would be just fine by me. I support trash fiction. I don’t support enabling white supremacy financially. They have a right publish, not to be compensated for it. Nobody owes them a nickel.

Give these fuckers what Milkfed Yakofuckerface got: the door hitting their asses on the way out with a terminated contract.

Yes, this!  Complaining to Marvel when their head is Ike Perlmutter, a vile old man who supports Trump, is worthless.  Write to DISNEY, include examples of the alt right, Nazis, KKK, etc., photoshopping Captain America into a Nazi, and tell them that this is not suitable to children and it needs to stop.

Also?  Boycott ANYTHING with Hydra Cap in it, on it, or whatever.  Boycotting Marvel as a whole hurts Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel and other books that are not part of this.  Tell Marvel that this is EXPLICITLY about Hydra Cap, and that the boycott will end when Tom Brevoort and Nick Spencer are fired.

This is a great idea – I’m looking up how to contact Disney right now!

Edited to add:

Boost the hell out of this.  Nazi propaganda has no place in a decent society.

Reblogging this for the following, to make it more accessible to those who can’t use the image:

Disney Corporate Office Address

Walt Disney Company
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Phone numbers:
(818) 560-1000
Fax (818)560-1930

Website: www.disney.com

CEO: Robert A. Iger
CFO: James A. Rasulo
COO: Alan N. Braverman

Also: A clarification on my own above comment-

The transposition of Moldbread Yankeedoodle with Milkfed was a sneering pejorative likening him to a pampered veal calf prepared for conspicuous consumption, not to in any way link his unworthy and vile ass with the excellent indie comic brand founded by DeConnick, Fraction, and Zdarsky.

(I forgot that was the name of their label, tbh. That’s on me.)

Here’s the addresses where you can write Disney. I’ll be sending them a bunch of letters tomorrow.

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