You guys literally saw and heard Thanos’s own daughter saying her father tortured her and took pieces out of her and replaced them with mechanic ones to make her a better fighter.His own daughter and you have trouble believing Thanos tortured Loki to make him rule Earth or at least push him to the point where he thought he wanted it?Like we don’t have enough clues that scream that he was tortured (aka “We’ll make you wish for something as sweet as pain” loki being on the edge of tears and break down many times etc.)

If Thanos did so horrible things to his own daughter I can’t imagine what he did to a young broken prince that he saw as another puppet to rule the galaxy.Can you?


His adopted daughter who he took in specifically to raise as his tool, but yes, there is no reason to believe that Thanos shies away from torture to further his goals. If he sees another being as potentially useful to him, he will order whatever needs to be done to maximize their usefulness. There is no indication, from what I’ve seen, that Thanos feels compassion for others; quite the opposite.

Some people seem to think that torture is done because the inflictor enjoys hurting someone, but it’s usually performed in order to break the person’s spirit and make them compliant. Now why would a being like Thanos abstain from such a method? Especially when he doesn’t need to do the messy work himself?

#what’s funny is#I’ve had personal-headcanon-fuck-actual-canon for like two years that thanos put mechanical parts into loki#because from what I can tell#gamora and nebula’s planets were both in midgard#as in “the realm of midgard” or “the realm where midgard sits” not that they’re earthlings#the guardians of the galaxy from what I can see is placed wholly in earth’s universal realm#disregarding comics because MCU isn’t the comics in the slightest#has thanos ever had something from another realm dropped into his hands?#something of one realm and raised in another?#pre-broken#post-suicide#just having fallen through a wormhole#the very basis of his physical being still weak and malleable#something
near-indestructible and already capable in his youth to handle and
generate the power of the literal BIFROST from his own magic
#like#why WOULDN’T thanos take that opportunity?#why WOULDN’T he begin the process of turning loki into a new child?#yes he used loki to get at the tesseract#AN INFINITY GEM#where we’ve seen TWICE in canon now that MIDGARDIANS CANNOT HANDLE WITHOUT DYING#(unless you’re starlord *eye-roll*)#but he often sent gamora and nebula out to gather things for him#this isn’t a new behavior#it doesn’t mean that was the ONLY purpose he wanted loki for#and the threat of further torture upon failure doesn’t mean that it would last indefinitely#and that once thanos was satisfied with his punishment that he wouldn’t continue training loki#honestly#in my headcanon#it’s so much worse than just thanos wanting to use loki briefly#so much worse

We SAW Loki being tortured onscreen. Literally nobody who saw Avengers does not realize he was being forced against his will. 

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