You guys literally saw and heard Thanos’s own daughter saying her father tortured her and took pieces out of her and replaced them with mechanic ones to make her a better fighter.His own daughter and you have trouble believing Thanos tortured Loki to make him rule Earth or at least push him to the point where he thought he wanted it?Like we don’t have enough clues that scream that he was tortured (aka “We’ll make you wish for something as sweet as pain” loki being on the edge of tears and break down many times etc.)

If Thanos did so horrible things to his own daughter I can’t imagine what he did to a young broken prince that he saw as another puppet to rule the galaxy.Can you?

Thanos is a ruthless warlord who will stop at nothing for galactic domination (unless you’re reading the comics than its just his subconscious wanting him to fail lol).  Like its pretty obvious even to me who isn’t up Loki’s ass that something affected him at the start of Avengers.  To me its not whether or not Thanos did something to him its how much.

Thank you.I am the last person that’s going to justify whatever he’s done but really?Even the whole plan “of his” is full of holes and mistakes.So not Loki..

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