So ur telling me Tony Stark can blow an entire tank to smithereens with one (1) single shoulder missile but just //wasn’t powerful enough// to shoot Cap in the legs

He wasn’t trying to kill them – or they’d have been dead in the first few seconds. Tony has the power to level a city. He wanted to beat them up, not kill them; he was conspicuously holding back.

Now – THEY were trying to kill HIM, but that seems to be another story…


Tony was going for the pain – not the kill. Rogers had so little faith and trust in Tony, so little knowledge of him that he couldn’t tell the difference. 

Rogers went for Tony – slamming the shield like that…if he wasn’t trying to kill him he sure as hell didn’t care if that happened. Like killing Tony wasn’t his first choice but it was one he would absolutely make to “save” Bucky. Bucky who wasn’t in danger from anything worse than an ass beating and an arrest from Tony. 

Can we talk about how Steve doesn’t trust Tony to do the “right” or “moral” or “ethical” thing from Steve’s point of view (see AoU when he gave Tony supreme judgy face for just knowing who a black marketeer was) but he trusts Tony to be selfish? See again the judgy face in AoU – he legit thought Tony sold black market for the profit. 

In CA:CW Steve probably didn’t know for absolute CERTAIN that him disabling the suit would activate some protocol that would signal for backup – but he was banking on it to ease his whatever part of his conscious twinged at leaving Tony on the ground in Siberia. He didn’t trust Tony not to kill Bucky but he trusted Tony to save his own life. 

MCU Cap is such a hypocritical bullying self righteous piece of flaming garbage.  

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