Several months ago (right after Series 3 aired, if I remember correctly) Mark Gatiss made an infamous comment that Sherlock sees Molly as “moving wallpaper.” While the comment in and of itself was very disrespectful and (I think) not true to the relationship between Molly and Sherlock we’ve seen on screen, Sherlollians banded together to create the “Wallpaper conspiracy.” I can’t tell you who came up with the name, but I believe it was derived from the Jxhnlxck conspiracy. In essence, people took every shot of wallpaper throughout the show (when Sherlock shoots the wall, runs his hand suggestively over it, etc.) and came up with fics and metas about how the comment was really Gatiss’ way of hinting that Sherlolly was going to be canon and Sherlock was in love with Molly.

I’m not sure if this fully answered your question, but check out thewallpaperconspiracy. A lovely blogger put all of the fics and things together in one spot!

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