“ship hate is DISGUSTING” not more disgusting than making sherlock holmes straight

… In the books by ACD Sherlock Holmes was aro/ace, but people don’t seem to much of a problem with making him gay.


No, he wasn’t.  He frequented female prostitutes to alleviate his “needs”…bi maybe, gay, no.

……….. What??

“[…] in his mainstream Sherlock Holmes stories, Arthur Conan Doyle makes oblique references to two London scandals involving male prostitutes. Holmes – now resonant of the classic fin de siecle homosexual aesthete – asks his accomplice, Dr. Watson, to flee to the Continent with him after Holmes almost dies in Vere Street, London, the site of the notorious scandal involving a male brothel named the White Swan. Although the Vere Street Coterie was convicted in 1810, before Queen Victoria ascended the throne, the scandal remained in the public consciousness throughout the 19th century. In another story, Holmes adopts a 14-year-old “telegraph boy” as his valet, a reference that Conan Doyle’s readers no doubt would have associated with the recent Cleveland Street Affair, when “telegraph boys” serviced aristocratic male patrons and subsequently gave incriminating testimony. Some suggest that Holmes is modeled after Oscar Wilde; Conan Doyle and Wilde met once over dinner, the result of which helped Wilde’s Doria Gray become serialized in Lippincott’s Magazine.”


Also, from the story “The Adventure of the Three Students” is this very telling passage: 

“It was in the year ‘95 that a combination of events, into which I need not enter, caused Mr. Sherlock Holmes and myself to spend some weeks in one of our great university towns, and it was during this time that the small but instructive adventure which I am about to relate befell us.”

The “combination of events” in 1895 refers to the “invert stings” of London which caused many gay men to flee to the countryside, as well as the arrest of Oscar Wilde for indecency. 

Why on earth would Holmes and Watson flee London at that exact time if they weren’t gay?

what did i fucking say

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