I hate the way that a lot of gay men talk about women lmfao I really do

like “I don’t do chicks” “I don’t like pussy” ok so why can’t you just say that you’re not into women & go.. why do you have to objectify &, yes, sexualise us, in order to say that you’re not sexually / romantically interested in us……………… it’s almost like you can still view women as sexual objects even if you’re not interested in actually fucking them. just sexual objects that have no use to you

& this (+ gay men trying to pressure women into physical contact they’re not comfortable with, gay men sexually assaulting women / grabbing their breasts etc. but it’s fine & funny bc they’re gay! or gay men being just blatantly textbook misogynistic but haha see above) really just showcases to me how misogyny does not somehow magically arise from uncontrollable desire, like a lot of ppl claim to try to make excuses for straight men.

i knew a gay guy in high school who persistently referred to women as “it” when we annoyed him, i.e. “it needs to shut up and stop fucking bothering me.” when i asked him why he thought this was acceptable he literally told me “i’m gay, what do chicks mean to me”

I’ve known gay men like this.

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