Well. Apparently Bast decided that I needed some distraction on this day (from that no doubt evil and horrible movie opening, which I continue to hide from), so she sent one of her subjects.

I got home from running some errands to find a little black cat huddling terrified in the foyer of my building. She was wearing a leash, or rather, a belt fastened a bit too tightly around her neck as a leash, and was too frightened to move. So I scooped her up and took her in, because what else could I do?

I’ve put up flyers in hopes of alerting her humans so they’ll come and claim her, but in case they don’t, anyone in the New York area want a friendly, adorable black cat? She’s been really snuggly so far, sitting in my lap and purring even though she’s scared.

I’ll even pay to get her fixed before you take her.

@hyperfashionist: “Congrats on your new cat. Her name is Winston”

Noooo I already have three cats in a two-bedroom apartment. If we can’t find her humans or another home I’ll have to put her up for adoption via Petco or something.

People, please signal boost. Black cats are the hardest to find homes for, but I’ve had several over the years and they’re delightful.

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