The gods are everywhere.

Thor the Thunderer rumbles the underground on the rails of subways and trains. He’s in the thunderstorms that pierce the smog with their lightning and shake buildings with their thunder.

Odin stands over the shoulders of busy students that cram for their exams, marveling at their thirst for knowledge. He walks with us through museums, seeing the art of the worlds and immersing Himself in the history.

Freyja can walk the main streets or stomp across a stage wearing heels and little else, and still cut an imposing figure. Men and woman alike can both fear and admire Her for her attractiveness and tenacity.

Skadi howls with the winds that whip between skyscrapers and down alleys in the winter. She bites at exposed fingers of students walking to and from classes. She scavenges with homeless youth for food during storms.

And Loki, of course, can live on the streets among the lost and the forgotten. The ostracised misfits that have no home anywhere but where they make it. Loki, who reminds you that there is always a way, brings ideas to down and outters, teaching them how to survive.

Our gods can be modern, too.

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