what i love about tumblr romanticizing bees is that a lot of us grew up being scared of them. but now there’s people appreciating their aesthetic, their nature, their existence, and it’s just nice

that doesn’t necessarily equate in people fighting for bees, or planting adequate flowers for them, but the chances for that happening are a lot higher. i know for a fact that i profited off those posts on how to help bees that were/are going around

i like the romanticization of bees. it gives me a tiny chunk of peace

This ^

I absolutely believe that the romanticization of bees on tumblr has a positive impact. Like you said, it doesn’t necessarily mean people will take action – but I get no end of messages on here from people telling me about the lethargic bumblebees they’ve given sugar water to, or the flowers they’ve planted that are good for attracting honey bees, or even that they want to take up beekeeping themselves. A lot of that is a result of the positive attitude towards bees on tumblr, which truth be told is a very heartwarming thing to see.

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