Interactive LED T-Shirt (via Hack A Day)

at Coachella 2009LED Tie for Exploratoriumat Treasure Island Music Fest 2009at Sea of Dreams 2011

T-Shirt with LED display can display simple animations, pixel art, and can display a Tetris game, which can be played with a wireless device such as a phone (see the end of the video):

Demonstrating the use of the microcomputer used as a WiFi hotspot HTTP webserver + webcam/audio recorder + LED Suit brains. The beagbleboard is running a custom Linux kernel, using Apache+PHP+SQLite to serve web content, zoneminder for webcam and audio capture, and a custom program I wrote in C to talk to the LED panels via the onboard wireless web server.

In this video I’m demonstrating the ability for smooth, colored animation (line bounces), animated sprites (ft. Mario, Pac-Man, Spaceinvaders, “Balloons”), and wireless/remote interactivity with Tetris via an iPod/iPhone … Next step is multi-panel animation for a larger, cooler full-body effect!

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