A few days ago I got the idea to do a post promoting the originalfics of my tumblr friends. If you have originalfic and aren’t in this post, reblog with your links or message me!

I’ve got all of these on my Kindle; the ones I haven’t read, I will!

@nano-writer​ has several very sweet, wryly humorous m/m love stories here. I love these.

@gold-from-straw​‘s novel can be found here.

Nita’s happy. She’s got a good life on a tiny Scottish island with her kind husband and three kids. So it’s hardly surprising that she wants to spread the love around and fix all her friends.

But what does it take to push a woman like Nita to breaking point? An old friend reeling from a fatal car accident? An ex-classmate panicking over his own sexuality? A family member running from violence?

How about all three at once.

@kthunter-author​ has a steampunk adventure with a strong female protagonist here. I am so eager for the sequel!

@marthawells​ wrote the excellent Murderbot Diaries among other things. She’s one of ours.

@cgockel​ has an excellent series about myth Loki which also uses elements of movie Loki and is just damned good. This is Loki as he should be: the trickster who does heroic things–in a way that pisses off his benefactees.

Excellent fantasy adventure by a fellow slasher. Wait, why does this only have one review? I have been remiss!

And finally, my own fic. I’ll be honest, this is cheating, these are not originalfics, these are Thorki human AUs.

Gay Stepbrothers In Love by Lucrezia Lannister

I figured the pen name would effectively show what kind of fiction this is.

One friend of mine read these and said, “I think I’m the wrong audience, because in the Thor/Loki AU I was more interested in the evil blackmail plot than I was in the stepbrother romance!” My response: “They were all Thor/Loki AUs.” 

If Jon/Sansa is more your speed you can check out one of my rare forays into het: FBI Stepbrother to the Rescue.

And I have one non-stepfic under another name (which you may notice is an anagram of “mosellegreen”.

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