Startups at July WWTO

Our July event in Toronto was our largest one yet featuring 15 companies showing the depth and breadth of the Toronto and 401 corridor wearable tech ecosystem. Here is the full list of companies:

Kiwi – the world’s smartest gesture recognition platform

Muse – the brainsensing headband making meditation easy

Nymi – the hearbeat authentication bracelet powering the enterprise

Myant – the first vertical production house designed to support the creation of wearable technology including its own line of wearable tech fashion line Vagalume

• Magniware (Rthm) – the world’s most advanced fitness tracker powered by genetics

Proto3000 – professional 3D printing services and rapid prototyping

Subpac – an immersive wearable sound experience taking VR to the next level

Neutun Labs – a smartwatch application that makes it easy to track, manage and live with epilepsy

Globacore – a creative technology company behind some of the world’s most interactive virtual reality experiences

• SoMo by Sonic Wear – a wireless, wearable motion-tracking device that turns movement into music

QTemp – a wearable weather station that protects your skin health

TritonWear – a wearable for competitive swimming

BreqLabs – makers of the ExoGlove to put your hands in virtual reality

MetaVRse – a Virtual Reality events company

Awake Labs – a wearable for autism

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