This. Read it. The truth.

This is why I hate this evil shithead. John Rosemond has contributed huge amounts to the psychological problems of younger generations with his ludicrous lies. He keeps telling parents that their kids are accessories, hobbies they can do in their off hours and forget when they feel like doing something else.

If you’re irresponsible enough to bring a child into this horrible world, that child has to become the most important thing in your life. If you’re not willing to do that, USE A FUCKING CONDOM.

Also? Respect has to be earned. You don’t earn respect by treating people like shit. Every parent I have ever met will be heartbroken to learn that, and 99.9999% will then make the choice to give up any hope of respect by continuing to have fun treating their kids like shit, but it’s time someone told parents a tiny bit of truth. Now all parents can lie on the floor kicking and screaming as parents inevitably do when they encounter the harsh facts of reality.

Ugh, I just reread this and he’s literally saying that the way to raise obedient compliant citizens (who won’t object to Nazism and stuff) is to make it clear to them that their rights, needs and desires don’t matter and that no one gives a shit about them.

Good parenting advice: do the opposite of everything John Rosemond says.

Good God, read up on this man. Among other things, he says that a child who was molested at 18 months should not receive therapy. Also, learning disabilities don’t exist. Jesus.

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