dyes for bones?

Was reading some books on herbs and found entire sections on dyes made from plants. Usually these are for yarn, but it suddenly hit me that these could be used for bones! Why didn’t I think of this before? Cue me looking through all of my herb books for dye ideas! So here’s my note-to-self of herbs (and other stuff!) to try dyeing with. Feel free to add more if you have suggestions!!!

Red & pink: bloodroot, pokeberry, rosehips, sorrel, roses, avocado pits (?!), sumac berries

Yellow & orange: beetroot, dahlias, goldenrod, heather, marigold, pear leaves, rudbeckia, saffron, turmeric, zinnias, chamomile, carrots

Green: bracken, dock, nettles, spinach, plantain, lily of the valley

Blue & violet: blackberries, blueberries, mulberries, red cabbage, elderberries, indigo, juniper berries, yellow flag

Brown & black: sassafrass, sumac bark / stem, willow, pretty much any tree bark, onion skins, walnut husks, meadowsweet, tea, coffee, acorns, dandelion root

Warm / hot water makes the process go much faster. For some of these, especially tougher components like roots and bark, I imagine that simmering them in water and then letting it cool before dropping in your bones would help bring out the color. I’m really excited to try these!!

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