I barely noticed this particular moment in Thor, because it really was a blink-and-forget moment given how it was followed by a big ass fight scene.

But I was reminded of it and it started nagging at me. Because really? The insult worthy of starting a fight that nearly gets you and your friends and brother killed, could cause a war and leaves lots of otherwise minding-their-own-business jotnar DEAD… is being called a girl.

How delightfully nauseating.

Yep. And notice how Thor’s friends react; they know exactly what Thor is going to do.


Uh huh. That Thor reacts thus to an insult, yes. However, it is the writer’s idea that being called a girl is a deadly insult that I despise. There are so many bad things, which it can legitimately be considered an insult to be called. But a girl is not a bad thing to be, and useing that as an insult is just – no. I hate it. Yeah, can be part of the characterisation of Asgard but still… no. Not an ok choice of insult by the writers.

Of course. But Marvel is skanky that way.

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