actually I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, weather and landscape wise, Scotland and Ohio are weirdly similar and if you could somehow walk out of a field or pasture or small town in one and into the other you’d be hard-pressed to notice for some time.

If you walk through a fairy ring you are unceremoniously dumped in a field in Ohio for your disrespect

this is true.

I nominate Scotland and Ohio to become the faerie capitals of the world, and to establish teleportation betwixt the two with the aforementioned faerie rings

they opened a brewdogs in ohio that’s already the portal

if you get day drunk in the brewdogs in ohio and go to the bathroom alone when you come back out ur in Stirling

This feels alarmingly plausible.

Ohio even has its own Lake Monster

@gallusrostromegalus this sounds like your stuff, except not in Colorado.

That’s because most of Colorado and Wyoming opens up into Mongolia, but only if you’re on horseback.

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