Lol savage

I no longer believe in the human race.

This is the laziest shit ever

How lazy can humans get?

Have you never met white ppl?

yh but if you look outside your own personal reasons for using this, laziness, it actually looks a really great and practical way to put on your socks if you have a disability that hinders you from otherwise being able so without someone there to help you 

you do realise that there are people out there who literally have to travel door to door helping elderly people, disabled people and people with chronic illnesses to put on their socks? people are paid to help put on pressure socks to help with oedema? don’t you realise that if these people could have one of these tools, these caregivers could be doing something else and that this therefore is an incredible tool designed to cater for some of the most healthcare dependent people in our society? do you guys even realise there are other people living other lives?

i really wish i had this when my spine was broken and i had to wear a medical metal corset which made bending down impossible. i had to ask my mom to help me with socks and it was kinda humiliating.

My dad spends an hour in the morning getting dressed because he has no one to help him to get his socks on because his ankle is fused. If he had this it would literally save him an hour.

“Oh but people are so lazy!”

fuck off you ableist pieces of shit

Honestly I don’t even get how you could look at this and think “lazy”. This looks like more work for an otherwise able-bodied person than just putting their sock on the regular way. It’s pretty obvious this is meant for people who have trouble bending over, like come on.

You know how people go straight to “lazy” on this? Because we’re trained to think of most accessibility modifications as lazy. The disabled = lazy message is deeply embedded in our culture.

Does anyone know what this is called/where I could get it?
My mom has incesingly bad arthritis and the process of bending to put her socks on is getting harder for her. My dad could totally put the socks on it for her at night and then in the morning she could just slip them on.

It appears to be the Pratiflex PR001. They claim that the Pratiflex PR002 is more versatile, though. They’re Brazilian products, and my Portuguese is not so hot (nor is Google Translate’s). However, the website is here and you can apparently order them online for the equivalent of approximately US$20 (not including shipping, etc.) for the PR001 or US$34 for the PR002. 

The site says that they’re widely used in the States and Europe, but that they’re finally making them available in Brazil, so presumably you could find similar products from different companies elsewhere. A search for “sock applicator” turned up this category with several similar products, for example. From that page, this appears to be a good product, available for shipping in the U.S., for about $30.

So this is a teeny bit off topic, but there’s a group called the Tetra Society of North America, and if someone needs an assistive device and it isn’t commercially available yet, they have volunteers that are retired engineers and other design/handy types that will work together on solving a challenge you may have. They help make all kinds of things from adapted Wii remotes to specialized coffee pot handles to medical product adaptations. They are SO cool. This is their website: 

That’s not off-topic at all; I thought of this discussion immediately when I saw you post the link elsewhere. 

This is also relevant to some of the discussions on your blog overnight, pardonmewhileipanic.

I really think advertisements and product infomercials should just go on ahead and cast people with disabilities in these adverts so abled folks don’t have to get dragged for not understanding context and not wanting to consider all possible uses of a product or that they may not be a products target demographic. It’s a legit win-win.

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