I really think it was a mistake for Marvel to make the Asgardians space aliens instead of actual gods. I’m just curious: does anyone agree?

I didn’t mind Marvel making them space aliens, so much as I minded them going “oooOOOooo, nothing is magic, everything is super advanced science ooooo”.

Like, that took a LOT away from what made Asgard/Jotunheimr/other realms so interesting – they can do these amazing, advanced things with magic, but are otherwise limited by social constructs and other rules/limitations set in place for seidr. To just hand-wave away all of that world-building potential as “advanced science too advanced for puny Midgardian minds to understand” was a MAJOR mistake in my opinion, if only bc that makes them so much more boring and flat in a universe where magic-like science already exists with Wakanda, or Stark Industries.

Or Dr. Strange. Yes.

I think maybe at that point they didn’t realize just how much the cinematic universe was going to expand and made a bad call.

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