Anyone have a Loki playlist?

What’s on it?

I don’t have a Loki playlist specificlly but there are certain songs that when I listen to them, they remind me of Loki:

1. Going Under-Evanscence

2. Bring me to Life-Evanscence

3. Everybody’s Fool-Evanscence

4. Cloud Nine- Evanscence

5. Lacrymosa- Evanscence

6. I’m Coming Home-Skylar Grey

7. Carnival of Rust-Poets of The Fall

8. Gone-Red

9. In the End-Linkin Park

10. Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin

@lucianalight Easier to Run – Linkin Park

Oh, I have a Loki Playlist @ladylaufeyson1 @lucianalight @samanthastar47

  1. Mordred Lullaby – Heather Dale
  2. My own worst enemy – Robert Pettersson
  3. Völuspa – Duivelspack
  4. Tears of an angel – Amy Guess version. I’ve also drawn two pieces inspired by it.
  5. Jotunheim – Svartsot (this is a folk viking song, very strong)
  6. Hagal – Wardruna
  7. Heimta Turs – Wardruna
  8. Løyndomsriss – Wardruna
  9. The Raging Storm – Wasp
  10. Until it sleep – Metallica
  11. Demons – Imagine Dragons
  12. The Devil Within – Digital Daggers
  13. Angel Room – Silent Hill 4 Original Soundtrack
  14. Lai lai Hei – Emsiferum (another strong viking song)

These are my most listened songs I use whilst I draw Loki, for they help me to better connect with him. The lyrics of all of them screaming “LOKI!!” all over…

@ladylaufeyson1 @lucianalight @lasimo74allmyworld

My Loki songs are all over the place in terms of emotional tone.

First of all I love the Loki themes from Thor-I and TDW (Lokasenna), those are really great to put me in a writing mood. There’s his Avengers theme too, Fallen God by Joshua Nickelson.

The rest-

  1. Who are you really – Mikky Ekko
  2. Angel by the wings  – Sia
  3. Titanium -Sia 
  4. Wonderland – Natalia Kills
  5. Believer – Imagine Dragons
  6. Demons – Imagine Dragons
  7. Monster – Imagine Dragons
  8. Whatever it takes – Imagine Dragons (honestly it feels like they make songs for Loki and Thor exclusively)
  9. Time to burn – Rasmus
  10. In the shadows – Rasmus
  11. Still Standing – Rasmus
  12. What I’ve done – Linkin Park
  13. Numb – Linkin Park
  14. Doesn’t even matter – Linkin Park
  15. Emperor’s new clothes – Pan!c at the Disco
  16. Light ‘em up – Fall Out Boy
  17. Centuries – Fall Out Boy
  18. War of Hearts – Ruelle
  19. Madness – Ruelle
  20. Don’t mess with me – Temposhark (For Avengers Loki, heh)
  21. Toxic – Britney Spears
  22. Let it rock – Kevin Rudolf
  23. Take me to church – Hozier
  24. Hey Brother – Avicii (Loki and Thor)
  25. For your entertainment – Adam Lambert 
  26. Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

@latent-thoughts I love it. My playlist is super diverse too. So much yes to all of this – I have Sia on mine as well. LOVE Titanium, I should add that one! 🙂 Hozier, YASSS. Excellent, thank you! 

Here’s mine.

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