solarpunk and green roofs

grass roofs have been employed for centuries in northern europe, not only for their beauty but also their practicality. there are a lot of reasons why a solarpunk society would embrace this idea, and here’s just a few:

1. natural insulation

grass and plants can act as natural insulation at a fraction of the cost of artifical alternatives. not only do they maintain heat in cold climates and regulate cool in warmer ones, they also efficiently absorb and filter rainwater.

2. sound barrier

a great example of this is the chicago city hall which uses a grass roof to keep city noise from permeating the building. likewise, this is a desirable feature in both commercial and domestic settings.

3. pollution

grass roofs can act as air purifiers, enhancing air quality. i think this explains itself.

4. biodiversity

garden roofs can not only foster biodiversity in plants, but also create havens for animals and insects. with bee populations dwindling, roofs could act as the perfect stomping ground for these important organisms, among others.

5. aesthetics

grass roofs look incredible, and other planted roofs (e.g. with succulents and flowers) even more so. they also help buildings to blend into the natural environment, enhancing the surrounds and preventing the visible signs of urbanisation.

6. agricultural potential

garden roofs could easily be used to plant crops, encouraging local living and minimising food miles as well as posing an educational opportunity for children to see their food go from field roof to plate. this would also mean that less land would have to be sacrificed to agriculture and thus could be preserved in its natural, wild state.

feel free to add your thoughts!

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