People often joke about “Fully Automated Luxury Communism” however we already have the technology required to produce one of the most foundational elements – Fully Automated Vertical Farming. 

Agriculture is not simply “A Means of Production” but possibly the single most important means of production in existence. An immediate structured transfer toward vertical farming would have the following effects.

1 – An immediate reduction in land requirement for plant growth, allowing for massive rewilding projects across the world. 

2 – A subsequent reduction in pesticide reliance, allowing for critical insect populations such as bees to begin repopulating and a reduction of soil toxicity. 

3 – An end to exploitive “under-the-table” work practices which pay children and immigrants significantly less than minimum wage. 

4 – A real solution to ending the phenomena of food deserts which primary affect impoverished and minority neighborhoods.

5 – A subsequent reduction in health problems relating to malnourishment and reliance upon fast food. 

6 – A real way for the veg*n community to directly address the problems of inaccessibility of plant-based diets. (Imagine the potential for volunteer veggie kitchens which provide premade nutritious meals with local ingredients for the local in-need population.)

These are just some of the positive benefits that could come from vertical farming. Obviously I haven’t even begun to touch on other subjects like the amount of jobs which could be created simply for creating the structures. 

And my personal favorite, high-yield farms in dense urban areas means food will barely need to be shipped – cutting like 10 percent of the carbon cost of keeping everyone fed!

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