#I want to point out one small thing from this scene #did anyone else notice #that john looked at irene for like #two seconds #and instead of stammering over his words #asking how #or even why #what the hell is going on? #john just closes his mouth #and the first thing he says is an order #tell him you’re alive #because john knows how sherlock is #how sherlock thinks #and while sherlock may not be in love #john knows he was heartbroken #so when he said this to irene #my heart skipped a beat #because it’s exactly what people say #a study in pink is the story of how sherlock fell in love with john #and a scandal in belgravia is the story of john falling in love with sherlock #and the rest of this scene only proves it #we’re not a couple #yes you are

This, unequivocally this.

This, irrevocably, this.

I don’t care how often I reblog this. 

Three effing humungous cheers for protective!John.

Johnlock is going to kill me one of these days

Johnlock has already killed me.

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