teaching children that they are allowed to walk away and cool off if they are feeling overwhelmed might literally save their life as teens/adults

could save other ppls lives too.

I feel like the key here is letting them know that they can come back to the discussion, and that you’re not just sending them to their room with different words

“go calm down” is just dismissive, but “go calm down and we’ll talk more about this in half an hour” validates the child and lets them know that you’re not just brushing them off 

its also worth noting that “go calm down” as a statement, regardless of what follows it, comes across as dismissive. add plurality to the comment.

“LET’S go calm down.” “LET’S take a break” “WE BOTH should step away”

never expect a child to do what you yourself arent willing to do in the situation. otherwise, its just a time out.

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