Like most people don’t like to admit this, but one of the reasons a lot of us have so many mental health issues is because we live in a world that has basically become untenable. People can’t afford basic necessities, let alone to cultivate their interests or take breaks and rest or do any of the things necessary for good mental health. People my age are wracked with debt, working at jobs they hate or studying topics they hate, living in a shitty apartment with five roommates. We live in a world that’s very hard to be healthy in. So while yeah, a lot of people obviously do have mental illnesses that would need medication no matter what, they are greatly exacerbated by these issues, and a lot of people have basically just been thrust into an eternal situational depression. So if that doesn’t change, medication is just a band-aid. 

the philosopher Frantz Fanon resigned from his job as a psychiatrist in 1956 during the Algerian War for Independence because he reasoned there was just no point making Algerian freedom fighters well again if they were going to walk out into the same world where they’d be tortured, shot, bombed, and sent right back again, or else making French people well enough to do the torturing. He walked out and joined the revolutionaries

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