(Snipped from another rant because I didn’t want to hijack someone else’s well-put post)

I mean, look at the lesson here. “You screwed up, and we screwed up, but we’re done paying for it now, and you’re going to pay as long as we say so. If you accept that, admit it was all your fault, ALL of it, including all the shit we did ourselves, AND still work tirelessly to prove our expectations wrong and protect us and save us and help us and get zero thanks or recognition and quietly go back into your cell to live out the rest of your unjust sentence afterwards, all without complaint (or preferably snark – much of the fandom seems to think that makes him a ‘little shit’ too), OH and acknowledge the abusive fuck who wanted to execute you as still totally your father… THEN good job, pat on the back, we probably won’t actually give it to you or say anything to your face, but hey! You’ll have totally ‘redeemed’ yourself as a ‘villain’. We won’t thank you or trust you or change our treatment of you, but you’ll have that at least to keep you warm at night. If you don’t do all of the above, however, you’re still a little shit. Still the bad guy. And that means we can continue to abuse you and it’s not abuse! Yay!”

I. Hate. This. Message.

No seriously, fuck my feels – who gives a shit about feels, right? They were made to be broken. Mine have taken worse. But my fucking abuse/bullying/injustice/family dysfunction triggers. All of them. Why did you have to set those off? Why? I didn’t fucking sign up for this squick pile with my so-called superheroes. Fuck them, and fuck the people who write them thinking this is okay. UGH.

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