‘God of Mischief, Loki. He doesn’t look very happy. He’s not looking like he’s having a good time in the trailer… Is he not ‘ending his run’, more or less, with handing over the Tesseract?’

Imho, Loki is a survivor.  Loki is on Loki’s side since no one, except for Frigga, has ever had his back.  No matter how many times Thor has said he thought they’d be together always we saw Thor ignore the taunts and disrespect leveled at Loki by The Warriors Three & Sif, Heimdall plus that servant in the Thor deleted scene.  Both were Princes of Asgard but even before any Asgardian knew the truth Loki was treated like the bastard son.  Why would Loki trust Thanos?  Loki has learned NOT to trust anyone where his feelings or even his life is concerned.

I think Loki feels very much like a lone agent, and has felt alone for a very long time. So to what extent he’s wedded to Thanos’ agenda, or perhaps even runs alongside it or runs in opposition to it remains to be seen. —TH

In TH’s view Loki still feels alone after all the farces in Gagnarok. 

I’ll be very surprised, if Tom doesn’t see things the way we do.

“Gagnarok.” Thank you for that.

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