• a group of them is called a “pride”
  • sleep all the time in co-ed cuddle piles
  • i mean. the real reason i made this post is to post all these photos of same-sex lion groups. they’re just gay look at them! so loving.
  • im not going to post a pic of the gay lions fucking but we all know there are many 
  • they’re also just so naturally dramatic and comfortable like this guy? this man could dish on anyone at the watering hole and i’d believe him 
  • meanwhile lionesses are like one vegan bakery short of a lesbian network to rival your average new england small city.  look at them co-parenting and generally having a womanist community 
  • they also are just very tender and are clearly liberated and more than happy to live a life without men.
  • also they’re all so butch i mean look at them. they all look like they know how to put up some drywall you know?? you know?
  • some of the butchest ones even grow little manes. look at her! queen of gender nonconformity. 
  • also? tender. 
  • in conclusion lions are gay

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