So let me get this straight: Thanos is custom designed to be “sympathetic” and the writers chose to base this on the fact that he’s burdened by the horrific stuff he freely chose to do? Poor thing, he like a crocodile, crying while chewing his victims. Sympathetic my ass, and that the writers decided that his “love” for Gamora (in reality his twisted sense of entitlement to Gamora) was to be his saving grace speaks very unfavorably of everyone involved in decision-making process.

Really, what is wrong with them? Can’t they see how wrong this is!? And how it can sends a very wrong message that this form of love is actually love and not another form of abuse and it can make abusers sympathetic in the eyes of people? I mean TR’s case was more subtle, but this??? What the hell is wrong with you Marvel?

This is what happens when they try to make a sympathetic villain on purpose. “See? He’s horrible! Doesn’t that make you sympathize with him?”

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