Tree House by Robert Harvey Oshatz 

But imagine a whole community like this, in treehouses lined with solar-panels, built from reclaimed wood, stone, bamboo, and recycled glass, metals, perspex and carpet.
Trellises of vine-plants growing up the flatter walls, with planter-boxes on the curving ones. Rainwater tanks built from recycled materials perched on the upper balconies, with additional water-turbines on top of them to help generate just a bit more power when the rain comes. Rooftop flowerbeds, and wooden boxes housing native bee colonies.  

These structures could be easily adapted to have ramps, making them wheelchair-accessible. Networks of houses connected by bridges so not to disturb the ground below. 

Curvy structures are also very good for insulation (that’s why take-away cups are corrugated on the outside), so this kind of building would be a great option for places with extreme climates as well!

I like the way you think!

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