Stained Glass Snooze Car

Designer Dominic Wilcox has some radical and optimistic ideas about the future of cars. His vision is that when self-driving cars become reliable enough, the nature of cars themselves may change radically. 

Wilcox’s self-driving car reimagines the vehicle’s bodywork as a stained glass shell, and repurposes the interior as a relaxation area. He’s named the design the Mini Cathedral, from the car company which sponsored him and from his inspiration of stained glass windows.

The concept car uses traditional construction methods, with hand cut stained glass soldered onto a wooden frame, while also using the near future technology of driverless electric vehicles.

“Technology tends to be slick and polished. In the future, I think things that are handmade will become more relevant. Specifically because handmade things aren’t perfect. They have a character that can’t be replicated by machines, which make everything too perfect.”
– Dominic Wilcox

It’s an oddball idea, but I rather like it.

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