Shuri shouting out the floor is lava and recording the confusion among the avengers wondering why tchalla king of Wakanda hopped up on a counter cause goddammit his little sister pulls this shit all the time and peter is stuck on the wall because he’s also a child of the internet and understands the meme life and now his fate is sealed there will never not be a time Shuri isn’t camera ready and yelling out the floor is lava to see the wackiest places she could get peter to stick on

T’Challa ignored her once so she developed synthetic deployable lava and the next time she yelled the floor is lava it actually was. T’Challa lives in fear now because he knows if he doesn’t pretend the floor is dangerous, it will be.

Once she got peter to stick onto T’Challa.

Everytime she does this, Thor is the first to find high ground. because Loki used to play the same game, and Loki was never one for ‘pretend’.

I need fanart of, like, all of these scenarios.

I have now the mental image of Thor on the counter, T’Challa hanging on his arm and Peter clinging onto T’Challa’s leg, hovering about 2cm above a pool of lava, with Loki and Shuri crying with laughter

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