If you are a romance writer with the word “Cocky” in one of your titles, and you’ve received a takedown notice from author Faleena Hopkins, please check out this Twitter link on this bullshit. 

Or this one

@thebibliosphere and @caitlynlynch

Have you heard yet? (possibly, it’s all over my FB and twitter)

Oh look,
Faleena is back at her bullshit. One of my friends had her work removed from Amazon and was issued a copyright notice from Hopkins because their plots were “too similar”. The similarities where that their man characters drank red wine, and featured vampires.

She’s on my shitlist for authors to never rec or review.

yeah no it’s super shitty right now.

For the record, if anyone is having issues with her, there are people in publishing volunteering to pay consultation fees with a lawyer right now.

God damn heroes. I think I saw some of them on twitter.

It honest to god makes me want to write something and title it “Cockie” and just do a satirical parody but I have neither the time nor the energy to even pretend to be as shitty a writer or human being as she is. And y’all know me, I don’t make those accusations lightly.

I am both petty and manic right now and I am SORELY tempted to do a quick 2K number about a petty and rude romance author that falls in love with a suave and assertive publisher, only for him to leave her when he finds out what an ass she’s been.

We’ll call it “Cocky Bitch”

Even Anne Rice would say this writer is too litigious

In fact: 

When Anne Rice says “I think your being overzealous in your attitude toward trademark law” that’s like Hunter S Thompson taking you to one side and saying he’s worried about how much you’ve been drinking lately

More information here, where a TM lawyer breaks it down.

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