what the hell Russo brothers saying in a podcast that Tom is too old to play Loki ?? ? 

lol in that case everyone is too old, Tom Holland isn’t 15 and doesn’t look like like he is.

What the actual hell! Are they serious? What is their problem?

Ok now I’m kind of sure they are going to introduce kid Loki which I don’t want. Damn you to hell Marvel.

They do know that the actor playing Thanos is 50 years old, right? But Tom is aging and too old to play Loki. This is bullshit, how stupid do they think we are?

Ok I just listened to the Loki part of this and to me, this part is a bit of an overreaction. All the Russos said was that no actor can play a character forever, which is true, especially in characters like Loki that have to look young for a few thousand years. They never said that Tom Hiddleston is right now at this very moment too old to play Loki. Never said that.

BUT. I am still pissed at part of this.

They said that, in Winter Soldier, they liked that they came in and Cap had nothing. That it exposed the humanity in him. So they did the same thing to Thor. Because they liked that part of an entirely different character’s story.


You don’t take two different characters from within the same franchise and do the exact same thing. YOU FIND A DIFFERENT WAY TO EXPOSE THOR’S HUMANITY.

A way such as, I dunno, giving him a baby brother? I personally can’t, but most people on this planet can relate to having a sibling. It opens the door for bickering, for inside jokes and insulting nicknames and laughs and hugs, for heartfelt conversations, for childhood reminiscing, for protecting each other on the battlefield.

Give somebody someone to love, someone who’s been by their side since childhood, someone whom they have fought tooth-and-nail for for years, and they are immediately so much more human.

We’ve seen Thor grieving. We’ve seen him alone. We’ve seen him blinded by the need for revenge.

He got dumped by his girlfriend. In Ragnarok alone, he lost his father, three of his closest friends (all four if you headcanon that Sif died on Asgard), a large chunk of his people, and his entire planet.

Focus on that grief. Maybe still kill half of the refugees, maybe still steal Heimdall from him, but they did not need to take Loki too.

Humanity is not surviving all of that alone, leaning on a handful of near-total strangers (which, yes, Valkyrie still basically counts as a near-total stranger. And the Russos wouldn’t say what happened to Korg, so he might be dead too).

Humanity is two brothers losing all of that, two brothers falling apart, and two brothers finally doing what we’ve all wanted for years and rescuing each other.

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