My advice to followers regarding the Russo Brothers interview: ignore it

Marvel is a capitalist powerhouse; I don’t say that to indict or to condone, I say it as mere fact.  The primary goal of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe now is to drain consumers of as much cash as possible.  This means ensuring return revenue by any means necessary.  

This is NOT as simple as “Marvel hates Loki and is trying to demean/discourage Loki’s fans.”  Rather, it’s “we know that anything that mentions Tom Hiddleston or Loki will hit a fandom nerve, so we will bring him up in as many controversial forms as possible.”  Put yourself in the strategist’s shoes.  What’s happened as the result of the remark that “Tom is growing out of the role of Loki”?  We have all stirred ourselves into an emotional frenzy.  What does even our outspoken boycotting of Marvel media ensure?  That we will continue to consume that media.  Return. Revenue.  

Ignore the interview.  It truly means nothing other than what we already knew:  Tom is a busy and accomplished actor who will want to tackle roles additional to those he can find within MCU.  It was a neutral statement but one calculated to stir the pot.  

Don’t play their game.  Abstain, and wait patiently.  it will be okay. 

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