“There’s nothing else left for Loki to do in the MCU! His story’s over!”

Well, personally I’ve barely seen any of the things I’ve wanted Loki to do so far, so here’s a list. Things that Loki should still do / that should still happen to Loki in the MCU:

– Loki having an actual deep conversation with Thor about why he’s angry and what went wrong in their relationship. Thor actually apologizing for treating Loki badly when they were younger. Thor and Loki hugging. (You know, kind of like the talk Gamora and Nebula got to have at the end of GotG2.)

– Other characters actually acknowledging that Odin wronged Loki and that (even though he went about it all wrong) Loki had a right to be upset. Thor acknowledging that Loki’s slights were not “imagined”.

– Loki meeting the Avengers again, becoming the snarky “villain-turned-ally” character (think Zuko from AtlA), and fighting alongside them

– Loki coming to terms with his Jotun heritage. We got a bit of this in Infinity War, but I wanted so much more, like:

– Loki changing into his Jotun form – and finding out what exactly Odin did to make him look Aesir in the first place

– Loki using his ice powers (and Tony wasting no time to nickname him ‘Elsa’ or ‘Jack Frost’)

– Loki travelling to Jotunheim to find out more about his birth culture. Meeting his biological siblings (and Thor getting jealous about it). Getting to hear the other side of the story of the war. Finding out how much of the story Odin told Loki about finding him abandoned as a baby is actually true and how much Odin invented to make himself look better. Dealing with any feelings of guilt Loki might have about killing Laufey and trying to destroy Jotunheim.

– Loki meeting the GotG and just getting to interact with them

– Loki and Gamora bonding over their similar backstories (I’ll make a whole other post about this at some point…)

– Loki and Nebula becoming snarky BFFs who bond over their pain and play pranks on their siblings together

– Mantis describing Loki’s own feelings of self-loathing to him

– Loki’s bisexuality/non-straightness actually being adressed (for example through him admitting he had an affair with the Grandmaster?)

– Loki coming out as genderfluid and shape-shifting into Lady Loki (played by Katie McGrath or Eva Green)

– Loki and Thor travelling to Heven and finding their long-lost sister Angela

– Loki living on Earth and becoming BFFs with Verity Willis

– For some reason I really want to see Loki running a night club on Earth

Feel free to add to the list

The thing is… I think a lot of the people saying Loki doesn’t have anything left to do or his story is over simply don’t recognize that Loki had any good reasons for being angry and upset, that the slights against him weren’t imagined, that Thor ever treated Loki badly or bore any responsibility for the poor state of their relationship. They seem to think (like Taika Waititi, apparently) that Loki was just being an asshole for no reason and that the only thing Thor was doing wrong or needed to change was continuing to reach out to Loki and offer him his love and trust.

So agree with all this.


This, my friends, is exactly what fanfiction is for. Because, lbr, we won’t ever get any of this in the MCU. But I could definitely (with the permission of OP, ofc), take a stab at writing either a whole long fic or connected vignettes even. Because all of this is amazing.

OP here, and YES PLEASE! Feel free to write any of this! And tag me in it if you do, so I can read it!!!

(I should mention that some of these ideas were actually inspired be fanfictions I read ages ago and only vaguely remember.)

(And please do me one favour if you write any of this, and don’t make Loki straight. I’m just saying that because there’s people in my notes right now arguing about MCU-Loki’s sexuality (I made a post where I called him an LGBT-character and they got angry about it) and it’s very exhausting…)

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