Honestly y’all are saying Loki fans are being dramatic or whatever, but what you don’t get is we aren’t mad he died. Yes obviously we would love him to live, as would anyone feel about their favourite character, but it’s not about that, it is about HOW he died.

It was rushed, and doesn’t seem to make sense. Yes, they gave him a good speech before his send off, and I am glad it was a hero’s death, but why didn’t he use his powers? Why wouldn’t he duplicate himself like he did in Ragnarok to trick him? Makes no sense lol and it’s kind of lazy writing if I am honest. The rest of the film is AMAZING and I love it, but this one part will always annoy me.

I know it’s still a matter of waiting to see if it will be explained in Avengers 4, but we don’t know if it will, and that’s extremely frustrating.

Especially after that interview with the Russo brothers. They grossly misunderstand Thor and Loki’s dynamics and character archs (across all platforms of their stories) to think killing Loki off to make Thor grow into a hero is the way to wrap this up. In all of the stories with Thor and Loki, the whole point of them is that one can’t really exist long without the other. If one dies usually the other one does, or they are resurrected or time travel happens or a new universe begins in the comics… And Thor already went through all this pain and loss in Ragnarok. That was the whole freakin point of it.

But what’s really killing me the most about this whole situation, and also why the fans are mourning so much, is this:

Loki represents a broken person fighting towards rehabilitating and finding a fulfilling life. For all of the people out there that feel like outcasts, that have difficult family lives, that struggle with mental illness, that have made a lot of bad decisions and terrible mistakes in their lives, Loki is an example of someone who also fucks up a lot but we hope will be able to make a better future for himself.

The Thor and Loki Dynamic has a lot of lessons to teach about a toxic loved one and a supportive loved one and where the boundaries are in that relationship. And in a lot of stories, like the Kid Loki arch in the comics, Thor’s belief in Loki and full love and support of him when he had a fresh slate kept him good through and through because somebody believed in him. The point of the Agent of Asgard story in the comics, was that Loki learned to accept himself for his flaws, to find better support systems, and to choose to become better. The whole moral of that story was: we can, at any point in our lives, choose to be better, no matter what other people think of us, no matter what we think of ourselves.

So many fans look to Loki as a hopeful example, because we feel like, if Loki can get even his life together then maybe there’s hope for us yet. So the concept that Loki should just die after everything, is not only a stab in the face to Tom and Chris, and to all the fans in general, but it’s also like taking all of the broken people in the world and telling them that they should just fucking die because there’s no point to anything and they’ll never be able to improve once they fucked up. All the people who started to think that maybe they could get their lives together and start working on becoming a better person just had their legs cut out from under them and were left there to die in an emotional sense.

We aren’t just mourning Loki’s death, or how he died, or the fact that Thor is mourning, or the fact that Loki’s death means Thor is also very likely to die since they often don’t live long without each other in stories. We are mourning the Lost Hope In Our Own Lives And Futures. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an increased rate of suicide within the next year or two and I’m guessing it’s going to be strongly correlated with this. And it’s going to be the Russo Brothers fucking fault.

I agree with every single words in this. Because this is how I feel. I feel more empty, more hopeless, discouraged, sad, alone.

I wonder if Russo Brothers have never give a quick peek in some fans chats, or social media. How can be possible for them to not have any hint of what Loki, their villain so deliberately mistreated, means for thousands of people out there in the world? His deep meaning, in real life, for people, for his fans. Why so blind? So insensitive?

I mean, I know…matter of contract, I get it, I’m not an idiot. What I ask is WHY. Why death? Why that death, so stupid, so useless. Why don’t let him live?

You’re right @shaylogic you’re damn right…I mourn. In tears, every single night, in my room. I mourn the symbol of my inner struggles, I mourn the loss of that inner strength I’ve hardly gained thanks to him. I know, sounds pathetic, but, yes, there’s people who have to cling to everything in order to survive, to get their shit together, to back to smile the morning after, to back to stand up.

Loki was my everything. No.

Loki IS my everything.

I don’t give up. They can’t take him away from my heart. No writers, no directors, no purple monster from outer space, no lazy plots.

Because Gods doesn’t die.

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