Judging from tumblr, Lokifeelz are running high today. A lot of you

who weren’t happy with his last couple of movies are going through the

same ordeal I and others went through after TDW and I feel for you so


I need to reiterate that, as many of you have noted, Marvel doesn’t

care about us. They’re making enough money without giving us what we

want or deserve, and they hate women. Most of the old men who own

movie studios and comics publishers and so on do.

If we want quality content, we’re going to have to make it for

ourselves. Luckily, in the age of the internet and computers, that

isn’t too terribly difficult. We can make our own web series, or

podcast, or low-budget movie, or comic book, or just write a damn

series of novels. There is an incredible wealth of talent here in

fandom, almost all of it female, and we can overwhelm the world with


Why do you think “mainstream” culture keeps sneering at fanfiction and

Mary Sue and so on? Why do stupid glossy magazines talk about

second-rate talents like Joss Whedon and abysmal talentless twits like

Taika Waititi as if their ability to write stories and direct movies

was a superpower on the order of flying or teleporting? As if

creativity were an incredibly rare quality instead of the human

default? It’s gatekeeping. There’s money to be made.

Those nasty old white men who own the system aren’t going to give us

what we want if they don’t have to. We’ll have to make it ourselves.

So my sisters, I urge you, CREATE. It’s the only effective way we can

fight back.

And link me when you do.

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