So guys, the thing about Marvel… the reason most of the movies are so shitty, and that Marvel keeps stabbing us in the back… is that these movies are not made for us.

They are made for young men who just want a release of testosterone by watching muscle-bound guys beat each other up and occasional boobs. The intended audience doesn’t give a flying fuck about character development, or plot logic, or even right and wrong.

Their target audience is the guys who gave the world Gamergate.

Usually we don’t care about this. In a movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme or something, no one expects complexity or logic, everyone expects punching and explosions.

Unfortunately for us, they accidentally hired a couple of super-talented actors who gave depth to what were supposed to be cardboard characters. And we begged them to follow through and they were really pissed. What are those girls doing in here? How dare they want something good? We’re trying to indulge ourselves in mindless escapism here.

That’s why they keep screwing Loki, alternately torturing his character or giving him stupid scenes. It’s why they hired the worst director currently drawing breath, the loathsome Taika Waititi, to direct Loki’s fourth movie: to punish us for loving Loki.

These movies aren’t for us. Really great things could be made of these raw materials but for the most part they won’t be, no matter how much we beg for a Loki movie that doesn’t try to pretend that some other character is the main one (as if Loki wouldn’t be the central character of any story he was in), or a Black Widow movie, or less whitewashing of characters, or a logical resolution to plots that have spanned several movies, or for Steve and Bucky to get officially married already. They’d make huge bank on these things, but they won’t, because they hate us more than they love money.

Let’s channel our frustration into creating new canons that follow through on their promises. That achieve their potential. The way they back-stabbed us will never stop hurting, but we can create something good out of it.

And those of you who decide to do just that, please, link me. I wanna read or watch it.

I’m so gratified this keeps getting notes. Something I should have mentioned here, but didn’t think of sooner:

Gagnarok implied that Loki was forced to prostitute himself in order to survive as part of Marvel’s punishment for women. “You identify with this guy? Fine, we’ll force him to sell his body! Even though that makes no sense whatsoever! We want you females to remember your place!”

And the way they keep “forgetting” how powerful and clever he is so that he makes idiotic mistakes or is easily overpowered… this is just the usual fictional male overcoming formidable women, Hercules defeating Hippolyte, Achilles defeating Penthesilea, etc., only one step removed because the symbolic woman is a man with some feminine qualities who many women identify with and love.

Just, fellow women, don’t forget how much Marvel hates us. Because they hate us a lot.

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