If you mean me, guilty as charged. XD I don’t know what others say apart from the stuff I reblog.

I still have faith in them, I mean IW is only HALF a movie, isn’t it? And they must keep us on our toes for like a whole year, so who can blame them for trying desperately to mislead us?

At the same time, I can judge IW for being inconsistent and not being a standalone film. It isn’t! We should be able to watch the two films back to back in order to judge them properly.

Still I can’t overlook the inconsistencies and the plot holes and all those “explanatory interviews”, that’s just… lazy. Marvel has spoiled us with almost perfect movies, so I’m expecting more.

PLUS I don’t like rushed deaths (Loki) or rushed reunions (Stucky).

PLUS I don’t like being lied to.

I don’t feel bad for them at all. I hope they’re miserable and anxious and upset and full of regret. I hope they feel even an ounce of the pain they’ve put us through.

They can hang themselves for all I care.

Me too.

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