what she says: I’m fine

what she really means: What was loki doing off screen for so long after Hulk attacked Thanos? Why was Loki suddenly so confident to take Thanos on once he reappeared? Why the fuck would THAT be his plan he is not unintelligent by any stretch. Why did he suddenly reclaim his Odinson surname? Why did his arm & knife turn icy when he went for Thanos, no one else just froze helplessly when they fought him? Why would he not transform into his Jotun form when dying/dissolve like Odin & frigga did? Why WOULDN’T he use an illusion???OR LITERALLY ANY OF HIS POWERS????? Are we rEALLY TO BELIEB that a literal GOD is out here gettin bodied like a simple PLEB when it took more effort for Thanos to even attempt to overpower literally. every. one. else. AND thanos was at his weakest bc he only had one fucking stone so far like fr yall I am NOT being PLAYED like this don’t @ me. HE SAID “THE SUN WILL SHINE ON US AGAIN.” HE SAID “UNDYING FIDELITY.” HE REALLY EMPHASIZED “GOD OF MISCHIEF.” “You will never be a god” was just such an oddly specific thing to say? HIS WORDS ALWAYS MEAN SOMETHING. Is no one else talking about how identical the scene was to the second time he “died.” Where actually did the bodies go bc I need receipts. Where is Valkyrie? Where is Grandmaster he is more powerful than anyone no????? What was the significance of the “gotta have a people to conquer” or whatever with Grandmaster in Ragnarok’s second post credit scene?? Why was Sakkar SO AGGRESSIVELY INCORPORATED in Ragnarok if not to play any role later? Grandmaster implied time worked differently on Sakkar in Ragnarok & Loki had been there for weeks when Thor got there despite the fact that they both JUST GOT SENT THERE yet this wasn’t addressed any further. With the amount of gaps of time Loki has spent separate from thor in other time planes are we really just gonna ignore the likelihood that he has known a lot more than everyone else about what’s going on & possibly future events plus there is SO MUCH BACKSTORY with him & Thanos that has been left just under the surface like are we really to believe it’s gonna be left that way??? HELLO HE’S NOT JUST BEEN DICKING AROUND WE KNOW BY NOW EVERYTHING HE DOES IS PRECISE THERE IS A REASON FOR EVERY MANIPULATION !WHAT!IS!IT!!! Did Hela actually die at the end of Ragnarok bc again RECEIPTS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN Why did baby gamora show up to Thanos after the snap? Why didn’t thanos just use the gauntlet to fucking alter reality in a way that would correct the overpopulation problem yknow like MORE RESOURCES???LIKE U CAN LITERALLY DO ANYTHING WITH ALL THAT POWER SO U CHOOSE WHAT IS AT THE VERY LEAST THE MOST STRENUOUS WAY FOR YOU YOURSELF??? Why is Hulk on the struggle bus? “Half my people”???? Where is the other half then??????I’m TELLING YOU LOKI LEFT DURING THAT TIME OFF SCREEN & HE KNEW THOR WOULD BE MAD ENOUGH TO MAKE IT OUT AFTER SEEING HIM “DIE” & I THINK IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH SAKKAR & HE KNEW IT WOULD THE WHOLE TIME THAT’S WHY HE WAS SO STRATEGIC THERE. If Thanos has been in Tony’s head showing him the future for years, that implies Thanos knew the future so why did he ever bother possessing loki to try to fuck up earth in the first place unless to play character-arc god? And he was told he would need to “court death” to succeed earlier after avengers, now did that mean Hela, did he send Hela, did he intentionally fuck with the fam dynamic as far back as Loki to make asgard unstable enough to take down with Hela, how far back does this gO?? Why did no one further address Strange’s timehop into the future, esp the “one way” they would win? Why wouldn’t Tony ask what that way was?????? Why was Strange so adamant that he would prioritize the stone over their lives if it came to it to save the universe then so easily pivot after his timehop & hand it over for Tony’s life??? WHAT IS “THE ONLY WAY”????????? Why are there flashbacks being filmed for 4? Why is older Tony in them with flashback characters all with matching wrist things? Why is Loki’s double necessary in the scene with the mask thing after Thor had captured him? How much new action will be ensuing that they couldn’t just manipulate old scenes? And is Tony’s fossil phone Steve gave him gonna end up being his way of communicating when he time travels to when it’s the only usable fucking phone bc I bet it is.

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