Seems like the shitty brothers confirmed that they killed off Loki (and Heimdall) permanently to give Thor some motivation. I mean, REALLY????

This is exactly the fandom’s worst nightmare. A very bad OOC death scene which turned Loki into a cosmic JOKE.

 And I told myself hundreds of time that it’d end just like this. So many clever ideas all around, about how and why Loki did what he did; they all made a whole lot of sense but that scene was just a case of very bad writing. Not the first, not the last. 

Also, so many gorgeous ficwriters doing justice to such an amazing character, young people, unexperienced people with so many good ideas, but NO. Those ridiculsly overpaid jerks had to take one of the most complex character and one of the most gorgeous actors ever and turn it all into a pile of shit just like they are. 

I’m so fucking mad. I hope everything is a big misunderstanding, but my hopes are very very very little 😦

I’ll probably edit this stupid rant later, now excuse me while i go punching someone.

Ok, edit to add:

THIS is the podcast that ruined everything marvel for me

HERE is a petiton to bring back Loki I came across a few days ago. I thought it was fun, now it could be useful to tell the Russo to go fuck themselves. Also, it already has almost 15000 signatures. Wow!

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