Theories about one character’s possible survival.

I don’t think Loki died. And I have theories/proves.

1) He called himself “Son of Odin” and doing so he glanced at Thor. Now, Loki hates Odin and would never define himself as his son and Thor knows it so this must be like a meaningful “message” he sent to his brother.

2) Loki is one of the most intelligent characters. Did he really think he could kill Thanos with a dagger? With the whole dark order present? Of course, no. He is not that stupid.

3) Tom Hiddleston was asked what would he say to the worried fans and he replied “Don’t worry, Loki is the God of Mischief.” Also Tom is in Avengers 4 cast.

4) There’s a whole scene where he’s not present. When Hulk is fighting Thanos and then Heimdall dies. He appears then from nowhere and goes to suicide. That might be a charm, just like in Thor 2. It has to be. He must have known that there could be no chance against Thanos.

Guys, Loki knew Thanos. He knew what he was capable of. He has always a plan. He does everything for a reason. He had already given the Stone and they were leaving, he could have been safe if only he didn’t step forward at that point. That has to have a reason, all of that. Because Loki is not stupid and does everything for a reason.

But if Marvel confirms that he died just this way I will be disappointed honestly. This character would have deserved a better treatment.


I think I’ll hang on to this

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