What were the writers thinking?


For real, what were the writers thinking when writing the script for IW?

Were they just sipping their coffee and be like:

“what are we supposed to do with Loki?”

“i don’t know, kill him?”

“can we play the he-loves-his-brother-card?”

“sure… He was also was already deprived of his magical powers in Ragnarok, so no problem there”

“Good! and Heimdall?”

“lets kill him too. Along with everybody else from Asgard.”

“Yeah, that’ll shut those Asgard-lovers up”


“nah, let him live. He isn’t as much of a thor-n in my eye as Loki”

“okay. Shall we let Loki die in… Let’s say… The first 10 minutes of the movie?”

“Great idea! That’ll leave us with over 2 hours of screentime to kill all the other beloved characters”

What the actual fuck were they thinking?

I can almost imagine Tom Hiddleston receiving the script:

Russo: “Tom, here is the script”

Tom exited: “ooh, im curious what you’ve written for Loki”

Russo: “you die”

Tom tiresome sighing: “Again?”

Russo: “Yes, in the first 10 minutes

Tom lifts an eyebrow

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