But they DID exist they weren’t “unmade” they were crumbled to dust. And rich people are still going to capitalize and over use and hoard resources anyway

even if it was painless, even if it was a matter of “unmaking” them, that would still be genocide. that is still a horrific disregard for the value of individual human lives. this is preposterous. am I in the twilight zone??? 

…So crumbling inconvenient people to dust is an ethical way to be rid of them???

That’s what they don’t get. They think that it being relatively painless is somehow “ethical.” As if historical genocides haven’t been quiet, quick, and bloodless. As if it’s the method and intent of genocide is all that matters; that maybe it is for the greater good to kill entire subsets of people. 

It makes my skin crawl to even have to say this shit. 

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