yes! he was literally killing off masses of people to alleviate “suffering” but they were still all dying and suffering…. what exactly is the point to this plan it doesn’t make any sense

like…..what part of “ending billions of individuals’ lives” do they not understand here?? and what about the catastrophic apocalyptic grief everyone left alive would experience in the process? 

that line about the planets Thanos has conquered doing well after his genocides was the most fucked up thing about Infinity War. it’s a lie. it’s a horrific apologist lie perpetuated by assholes who don’t know what they’re talking about. we have genocide and ethnic cleansing and wars being enacted on innocent people RIGHT FUCKING NOW AS I TYPE THIS and these privileged white men think they’re being “intellectual” by saying “hey, maybe killing loads of people is a good thing!!” 

I can’t even articulate myself properly, I’m that pissed 

Fucking Marvel.

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